Dennis Bagstevold


‘Sup! I'm Dennis, a 25 year old multimedia-specialist with experience within game design, level design, project management, photography, graphical design and video editing.

During my time studying Game Design and Project Management at Södertörns University I participated in many projects. I helped in making smaller games both in school and at game jams, led and created the biggest Swedish Game Awards to date, worked with photography, made game trailers - all this while at the same time working as second line support for a mobile service.

I then moved to Tokyo, Japan where I worked at a Japanese indie game studio called GAMKIN, Inc. There I helped with level and game design, game writing, PR, community management as well as asset production like game trailers and social media imagery. Now I'm back in Stockholm, Sweden where I work as a Quality Assurance tester at the famed app company Toca Boca! In my spare time I freelance as an esports consultant where I organize tournaments, commentate, produce marketing content as well as design streams and overlays.

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