Dennis Bagstevold


Remaking Site & Current Projects

Version 0.5

Why hello there and welcome to my blog! I'm currently remaking the entire site while its live, so until it's ready and I can make a before/after comparison, I thought I'd make some opening statements and let you know what I'm currently working on!

Current Projects

  • X-Tactics
    Work as per usual in Tokyo! Focusing on improving the game and making more content for upcoming updates and in-game events.
  • Twitch Channel
    Been streaming quite a lot lately, feels kind of like I'm riding a wave where I feel like I want to stream almost everyday, so have been trying to use it to the fullest. Although I always keep thinking about ways of how to improve the channel, so sometimes there is a clash of thoughts; should I stream to grow the channel, or improve its surroundings to make it better?

    Right now I'm thinking about implementing a mascot called "OK-Bot" which I've drew a few concepts for and will probably post more about here in the future. I'm also thinking about setting up some sort of plans and perhaps making a highlight reel of my first month. 

    If you haven't already, you can follow my twitch channel here!
  • YouTube Channel
    Haven't been active on my youtube lately except for uploading the stream VoDs. I do have some storytelling videos I want to do, and soon I might be "performing" at a live storytelling event not too far from were I live. If I do so, I'll make sure to post about it and upload the uh, VoD, to the channel.
  • Short Stories
    Now this is something thats very on and off from time to time. While living in Tokyo it has happened not only once, but twice, that I wake up with a story in my head that I want to tell. I'm not sure if these stories are supposed to be Visual Novels (I'd love them to be) or if I'm going to keep them in a reading/book form. I've also started writing on a story which I just, have been thinking up on my spare time which I really adore. At the moment they are:
  1. 上の人:下北沢の愛物語 / The Person Above: A Shimokitazawa Love Story
    An anonymous love story between two men who live and work in Shimokitazawa.
  2. The Colored Doors
    A thriller-mystery about people who live and die in an apartment complex.
  3. The Beldams / Krutgummorna
    An action-comedy about three old ladies from different cultures who set out to save a young man who has gone missing shortly after engaging with the Yakuza.
  • Hobby Game
    Me and a friend started working on a game a couple of months back which I want to take up again, the premise is that it's a app game were you play as a Japanese construction worker who wants to save Japans economy by guiding people correctly in the streets.

Yep, for realz. We have the basic mechanics working, and I've drawn a few concepts of the main character and logotype for the game which I've started calling "Don Don Help!" or 「ドンドン・ヘルプ!」hopefully there is more to talk about when it comes to this in the near future.

Now to get this website finished and ready...