Dennis Bagstevold


The Charm of Fika

Shot by Dave Chang, Color edit by me

Shot by Dave Chang, Color edit by me

Today I went to the Tokyo Coffee Festival held in Aoyama Farmers Market in Shibuya. I had only spotted it by accident when skimming through events near me. As I've gotten more into coffee lately and have been gaining interest for the culture surrounding it, I decided to go.

There were a lot of impressions to be taken in a relatively small space. Tiny setups with coffee and food with people slowly going between them, and a live jazz band playing in the background. Originally I had been nervous going to event as I was trying to organize 4 people to meet up, but everything just seemed to come together perfectly. There was no stress, just great weather, coffee and talking.

We followed the event by going to a nearby burger place and finished the day by going through Yoyogi Park. Only really being led by the moment and what we felt at the time. My weekends as of late has been very routine-like, and this experience worked as a great contrast to lift me up.


I think the part that I took with me, and something that I will definitely miss with Tokyo are these sorts of casual get-together days. Not the specific event, but the people and concept of just meeting and talking openly. It's also the core of what I love about Fika. Calmly listening and sharing, while taking in - and reflecting on - impressions, ideas, thoughts and tastes. 

Man I'm feeling good right now.