Dennis Bagstevold


Emotion in Motion

During one of Tokyo's first warm nights of the year, I met Cody. Currently known as the creator of DERIVE under the username @CBJE_Tokyo on Twitter and Instagram. We've met several times before to discuss projects and what to do with the time one has in Tokyo. This time I tagged along on one of his many adventures capturing the cyberpunk aesthetics of the capitol.

I love exploring this city, and this night made me feel like I got some new perspectives on things. Both figuratively and literally as we ascended the shady looking staircases stowed away in dark corners and alleyways. After reaching the top we gazed down onto - and studied - the metropolis with its busy streets. 

We scouted the streets of Shinjuku.
Then, after finding a possible location, ascended...

Thanks for the inspiration Cody.
Whenever I get back to Tokyo, I'll be sure to climb those roofs again.

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