Dennis Bagstevold

Södertörns University @ Comic Con '15

One of the three development teams (which I also was a part of) that showcased games at the expo.

One of the three development teams (which I also was a part of) that showcased games at the expo.

After finishing my assignment as a Project Manager for Swedish Games Awards I longed for another project and took on the challenge of creating the first showcase of Game Program at Södertörns University at Comic-Con Stockholm 2015.

What did I do?

I was the main person in charge of getting all of the teams together for the event, planning the booth and scheduling, as well as also being a developer for one of the games that was being showcased at the expo.

  • Project Manager: I contacted and had meetings with sponsors, recruited three game developer teams and was the front figure for the entire project.
  • Booth Planner: To ensure that the school be presentable I was in charge of planning the booth space and furniture.
  • Schedule Planner: All the teams and school representatives had schedules that I had carefully planned for the event.
  • Graphical Producer: I made logotypes, business cards (for the developers) and roll-up.
  • UI Designer & Scripter: I remade and improved the looks of the game I developed for which was Främlingsverket.

What did I achieve?

  • The first ever showcase of the games program at Södertörns University.
  • Proving to other schools that there is talent at our school as well.
  • Furthering the community between the students at the program.
  • Developing the connection between the marketing team at Södertörns University and the program.
  • Initiating new relationships with several High Schools that previously did not know about the school.
  • Exposing the program to a younger generation that got interested in the program.

What did I learn?

  • The full process of showcasing games at a public expo aimed at consumers.
  • Expanding my knowledge about the other game schools in Sweden.
  • The basics and know hows of UI integration and design.
  • How to manage several game developer teams at the same time.
  • Getting more experience as a public spokesperson.

Some of the things I produced can be found here below: