Dennis Bagstevold

Fellows In ARMS (Esports Project)

Fellows In ARMS

Fellows In ARMS is a podcast, community and esports team which I built from the ground up. After returning to Sweden after working with games in Japan, I decided to challenge myself and push my content creation skills to the limit while working with esports, which I’ve been passionate about for a long time.

I first started Fellows In ARMS as a live streamed podcast on Twitch which focused on the Fighting Game “ARMS” (released for the Nintendo Switch). Eventually this grew a small community where I together with selected individuals created an esports team under the same banner.

As the team and podcast developed, I also streamed and casted several ARMS tournaments, made and hosted an ARMS community awards, made YouTube content for the community, got interviewed for several websites, designed and sold merchandise, guested on other podcasts and more.

Events Hosted & Casted

Other Tournaments Casted

Interviews & Podcasts Guested

Other Team Related

A 41 minute esports documentary featuring interviews with all the members of the team along with some moments and memories gained throughout the projects. Directed, produced and edited by myself.

Video/Photo Production

Graphic Work

Special Thanks to

Ethan "Akiosjo" Burgess
Mikael "M30W-" Kazi
Caleb "PineappleFreak" Vahcic
Danny "Hanukkah Jamboree" Cohen
Joe "Nobi" Zhou